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Folding cervical pillow does not sleep into cervical spondylosis
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Folding cervical pillow does not sleep into cervical spondylosis, "accomplice " 

Sit incorrectly, bow to play mobile phone, professional work (such as long-term bow work career), lack of exercise ... The factors that lead to cervical spondylosis are well known, yet one important factor that can easily be overlooked is sleep. "Many people get up in the morning, there is sore neck back, numbness and other discomfort, showing a ' stiff neck ' symptoms." People usually think it's a bad sleeping posture or a cold wind. In fact, this may be caused by inappropriate pillows. At ordinary times we say to bow more than 1 hours, the cervical vertebra is very easy to suffer. An adult spends about 1/4 to 1/3 of his time on sleep (on a pillow). When people fall asleep, they basically keep a posture in each of the 90-120-minute sleep cycles. If the pillow for a long time, will cause cervical curvature changes, resulting in cervical instability, joint dislocation, ligament damage, such as chronic strain, and gradually developed into cervical spondylosis. Pillow is too high, equal to the whole night to choose a pillow, many people's standard is soft, comfortable, and personal habits also have a certain relationship, but this habit may not be correct.

The human spine arranges from the side to look is curved, assumes the S type, in the neck position is one  "C", if does not have the suitable support, long time lets the neck to suspend or the side bends, or resembles the bow shape, then is apt to cause the intervertebral disc to swell out.