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Give everyone a general knowledge about the presence of silk
- Aug 19, 2018 -

Give everyone a general knowledge about the presence of silk
Long time home teaches you how to distinguish silk quilt
Newly made mulberry silk will have a taste, it is normal (not odor, or more unpleasant cockroaches, if so, you must buy fake), this taste is actually the taste of amino acids, placed in ventilation The place will be dry for a few days, and the taste will become lighter and thinner. After a long time, the taste will be gone. For a long time, the home reminds you that the silk is not suitable for exposure in the sun except winter. If you want to dry it, please do not exceed 2 hours.
The taste of silk quilt is the smell of silkworm pupa. The silkworm pupa must be cooked first in the process of silk making, so the silk will naturally have the smell of silkworm pupa. If the newly bought quilt does not have this taste, then there may be a backlog of stocks for a long time, or it may be that the material is not silk. When you buy it, you should smell it. The silk is used in the fluffy process. Basically, the silkworm should have no sour taste. Some people may smell the silkworm cocoon, but it should be very light. Because the silk color is dark, it needs to be acid-treated to remove the dark outer shell and become white. In addition, some of the silk used for the scrap is also white, so it has been faded. So if the silk you buy is sour, you should use silk as silk.
In addition, mulberry silk, silk has good adhesion, fineness, good toughness, and elasticity. When pulling, it has to be hard, and it can pull a long time. When you pull it, you feel like you don’t need conditioner after washing your hair. When combing, it is also embarrassing. It must be pulled out with force.