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How do ancient people make pillows in bed?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

How do ancient people make pillows in bed? 

Sleep most inseparable from pillows, for pillows, especially in ancient times, look at the name, it is more than the modern pillow many doorways. The Emperor used the pillow, to alloys for the face, the finest nephrite framed, elegant, is called "Jade pillow ". Rich people to su silk for fabric, built-in select cotton, is square type, is called "silk pillow " or "square pillow"; The main door of the ladies not to two, in the boudoir building to learn embroidery, practice poetry painting, leisure naturally do not forget to do on the pillow, it is said that a young lady in the pillow rust on the chicken, when married again Rust Mandarin ducks, To Phoebe as the box, called the "Nan Pillow ", so there is a "oversees altogether Gingsi " poetry.

In ancient times, to elaborate pillow case is really a lot, because the pillow is almost oversees not oversees are in a total of Gingsi people lingering witness. The ancient woman not only married will embroider the "Mandarin Duck pillow" to take to the husband's wife, in the time of cheating also don't forget to take the pillow. Cao Zhi on his sister-in-law Lanbo Acacia, and Lanbo also to the imaginative, suave Cao Zhifang heart Dark cast, but ethics is a ridge ah, two people to step past is not easy. So two people had to dream of romantic go,  "Lovely eyes ... Limbo micro-step, Luo socks dust, if fly if Yang, infinite lingering after, leave a pillow, people go to pillow stay fragrant.