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How to clean the silk how to maintain
- Aug 26, 2018 -

How to clean the silk how to maintain
Generally speaking, as long as a quilt contains more than 30% silk components, whether it is mulberry silk, tussah silk, filament, short silk, natural or artificial silk, it can be collectively referred to as "silk quilt". The use of silk as a quilt was first made using the “mulberry silk cotton pocket”. Later, the variety continued to increase, and the concept of “silk quilt” developed into “silk quilt”. The warmth of mulberry silk is slightly better, and the fit is better. It is suitable for children and elderly people and those who are afraid of cold. Breathability: tussah silk is rigid, fluffy, and breathable better than silk. It is suitable for summer and people who are afraid of heat. .

How to clean and maintain good silk?
 Silk is maintained in the quad
1: Do not store in a humid and humid environment or in a plastic bag to prevent the silk from getting wet, resulting in odor, loss of warmth and breathability. Avoid heavy pressure, do not stack heavy objects on the quilt, so as not to become thin and hard. Do not use chemical drugs such as mothballs to avoid contaminating silk.
2: The silk should be covered with a quilt outside the core to be used, otherwise the core is easily contaminated with dust and stains. Do not press on the quilt while sleeping to maintain the fluffy feel of the silk. Children should prevent bedwetting when using silk quilts, and avoid your child jumping around the quilt.
3: If the quilt is dirty, it can be removed and washed with cold water. The silk core is not washable, not dry cleaned, and not ironed. If stains are stained, use a neutral detergent to partially wipe and dry. If the stain area is large, it is recommended to wipe it with a special potion in the dry cleaner.
4: The newly made silk is smelled by silkworm cocoons, and it can be blown in a ventilated place for two days. Silk can not be exposed for a long time, but it is best to take it out for two hours every two weeks, otherwise it will be moldy after being wet. After drying, gently tap it with your hands to keep it fluffy.