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How to identify the good and bad of silk quilts
- Nov 05, 2018 -

In China, there are mainly two kinds of silk. One is commonly known as mulberry silk, which is extracted from the cocoon of the mulberry silkworm knot. This kind of silk is yellow in color, delicate and smooth in hand, and has a faint unique odor of animal fibers. The quilt made of this kind of silk is very soft and close to the body. At the same time, there is a disadvantage that after a period of use, the gap between silk is easy to tighten, resulting in thinner quilt, warmer effect is not as good as before.

Another kind of silk is tussah silk, which is produced from Tussah cocoons. Tussah is a wild silkworm, mainly living in the north, it is artificially raised in the wild mountain tussah forest, it feeds on Tussah leaves. Compared with mulberry silk, the color of tussah silk is deeper, and its original color is grey black. This kind of color material for quilt is usually unacceptable to consumers; therefore, in the actual production process, tussah silk is often decolorized with acid-sensitive chemicals, so it is harmful to human health. In addition, tussah silk contains more "sericin", which leads to rough feel, not smooth enough, and gloss is dim; moreover, tussah silk has strong rigidity and is not very close to the body. For this reason, many manufacturers will use chemical additives to degum tussah silk, and more manufacturers will add industrial silicone oil or lard to the silk in order to increase the gloss of the silk. These additives are obviously not good for human body. The reason why some illegal manufacturers use tussah silk as mulberry silk is the cost.

"Illegal manufacturers will not add most tussah silk into a quilt, but will mix tussah silk into the silk, which makes it difficult to identify." The most commonly used method is to first lay the bottom with mulberry silk, then a layer of mulberry silk separated by a layer of tussah silk, and finally wrap the top with mulberry silk.

Because tussah silk has strong rigidity, it can enhance the warmth retention of quilt, so some enterprises take the initiative to use tussah silk mixed in mulberry silk to make silk quilt, and clearly mark the content ratio of the two, which is also recognized by the industry.

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