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Suitable for the crowd of pillows
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Suitable for the crowd of pillows

Need the crowd

One, the cervical vertebra strain office worker, the long-term desk work, maintains the fixed posture, the cervical vertebra aches stiff, the shoulder ache, dizziness hand hemp, disgusting, or the cervical vertebra already has the pathological changes, the teacher, the driver and so on profession!

Second, sleep quality poor insomnia multiple dreamers

Sleep difficult, many dreams, early awakening, bathroom many, shallow sleep, sleep not recover from fatigue, such as a variety of low quality sleep!

Third, snoring crowd

Because sleep posture is strange, long have snoring habit, the crowd of apnea syndrome men!

Iv. Women with skin problems

Rough skin, dark yellow, wrinkles increased, dark eye, depression, early menopause, premature aging of women!

V. Middle-aged and elderly patients with cardio-cerebrovascular diseases Patients with cardio-cerebral vascular diseases and the consciousness of middle-aged and elderly people.