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The historical origins of pillows
- Jun 20, 2018 -

The historical origins of pillows

According to the relevant information, the word pillow is called the Three Kingdoms Period of Caocao created.

Saying that one night, Caocao in the Juntong account Midnight Oil tonight Night reading, to midnight Sleepy, next to the book please her to go to bed, the bed of a few Mu Yi Bingshu for a while there is no place to store, book will it flat on the end of the bed, Caocao too sleepy, confusedly will head pillow in the Mu Yi sleep, and sleep soundly.

Book see this situation according to Bingshu Mu Yi shape, the use of soft materials made a cushion of the head of the article was presented to the Devil, Caocao asked the name, book only the bedding of the head of the mat, Caocao will be called the "pillow", then the pillow gradually in people's lives in popularity. The earliest history of the pillow was used from about 7000 BC--The United States of Sobodamia (Mesopotamia between Dijlah, Nahr and Al Furat--in today's Iraq) began. It is believed that Egyptians have softer, softer pillows, but they are not commonly used. The use of more often makes use of pillars to prop up their necks, preventing worms from crawling into their ears, mouths and noses.

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