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The origin and classification of tussah silk
- Aug 12, 2018 -

The origin and classification of tussah silk
The filaments made from the silkworms of the tussah are called tussah silk. Tussah silk is one of the unique natural textile raw materials in China. Its silk has unique jewel luster, natural luxury, smooth and comfortable. Ramie is known as green natural textile fiber. It is high in strength, fast in moisture absorption, rough and elegant, and antibacterial. Anti-corrosion, health care and other functions, traditionally used as high-grade textile clothing
According to the difference between the boiled broth and the chemical agent, it can be divided into two types: medicinal silk and gray silk. The medicine silk is floated with peroxide, and the silk color is yellowish; the gray silk is bleached with alkaline substances, and the color is grayish brown. According to the different methods of silk, it can be divided into water silk and dried silk. The water silk is twisted in the vertical soup, and the silk color is light yellow; the dried silk is twisted on the surface of the dryer. The mechanism and various hand-made silks are mostly used for weaving silk silk with rough, rich, crisp, and natural silk patterns. This kind of silk is also famous internationally. Because it is mainly produced in Liaoning, Shandong, Henan, Heilongjiang and other provinces in northern China, it is called "Shandong Silk".