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What is the effect of silk pillows?
- Sep 09, 2018 -

What is the effect of silk pillows?
The special "silk" SERJCIN component contained in natural silk has anti-allergic and skin-friendly effects. The long-term use of silk pillows can promote human health. There are four main aspects:

One is to promote sleep. The sericin component of silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which can emit fine molecules called "sleep factor", which can make human nerves in a stable state. It can reduce the load and pressure on the heart and blood vessels during sleep, improve sleep quality and slow down aging.
The second is good cold resistance and constant temperature. Silk pillow has the reputation of “Fiber Queen”, which contains the highest “silk volume gap” in fiber. It can reduce the thermal conductivity when it is cold. The warmth is better than the skin and cotton. When it is hot, it can discharge excess heat and make the temperature inside the quilt. Stay comfortable.
The third is the nature of anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and skin-friendly. The sericin component of silk not only makes the skin delicate and lustrous, but also has the ability to prevent the growth of aphids and molds, and is more beneficial to allergies.
The fourth is to prevent rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases. Natural silk contains a substance called "hydrophilic side amino acid" that absorbs moisture from the air and removes it to keep the pillow dry and comfortable. It is especially beneficial for rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases.