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Can The Duvet Be Basked In The Sun?
- Oct 17, 2018 -

The duvet can be used to basking in the sun, and the sun can be sterilized. Therefore, the drying duvet can keep the air fresh, prevent the cold and flu that are easy to occur in winter; the sun is the best under the warm sun, and it is definitely not good for a long time. Some friends in the winter after the collection, the collection is relatively late, in the warm weather of the summer long exposure to the sun, this is certainly not enough, which will aggravate the aging of the duvet.

It is best to have a duvet in the warm sun. Exposure is definitely not good. In order to sterilize, keep the air fresh. After using the duvet for a period of time, be sure to put it down for a while, but put it in a well-ventilated indirect sunlight. If it is exposed directly to the sun, cover it properly. The time for drying the sun is best from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, even for 2-3 hours, and once in the middle, so that the quilt is exposed to the inside and outside.

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