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Do You Know Why The Hotel Bedding Does Not Use Family Bedding?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Do you know why the hotel bedding does not use family bedding? 

Hotel bedding and family bedding difference is very obvious, hotel bedding cleaning strength than household items to a lot higher, family bedding 7-10 days cleaning, and hotel bedding use once to clean.

    Hotel bedding fabrics and production process has its own indicators. hotel bedding fabric than the family's yarn, high density, more fine workmanship, flexibility better contact more comfortable, by the core of the filler material in resilience, environmental protection and the control of dust requirements are relatively high, to ensure that no pollution of sleep. Towel Products Square weight relative to the hotel cloth grass higher, more texture, fluffy and absorbent can be more outstanding. Hotel linen dyeing process is in line with the National Tourist Hotel Association stringent environmental indicators testing, the use of more sophisticated materials, pay more attention to the environmental protection of dyes in order to ensure that the skin contact with the product non-polluting; The color is mainly plain, the hotel linen tones more single than home textiles, the pursuit of simple atmosphere.