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Duvet And Silk Quilt, Which Is Better?
- Sep 02, 2018 -

Duvet and silk quilt, which is better?

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Silk quilt, silk is pure natural, environmentally friendly, better for skin and body. And it's very light and doesn't need to be covered with a blanket or quilt like a duvet, and there is no shreds.

Whether it is a duvet or silk is to see the effect, the material is only one side, after all, the quilt cover is used to keep warm, and the thinner material can not achieve the warmth effect is not acceptable.
Aside from the warmth of performance, only about the closeness of the fiber and the body, silk is undoubtedly the most suitable filling for the human body. Because silk is pure animal protein fiber, it is similar to human skin 87%; so it is said that there is no allergic, itchy, and certain skin-beautifying effect.
Why is it better to use silk quilts in winter?
Because there is heating in the north of the winter, the indoor temperature has been maintained at more than 20 degrees. The warmth requirement for the quilt is not high in the south; and in the north of the winter, there is a characteristic that it is dry and has a large static electricity, which affects the sleeping comfort.
Silk is an animal protein fiber, and there is no static electricity (everyone knows the danger of static electricity, I will not talk about it here). At the same time, more than 38% of the silk fiber is hollow, which has a good moisture absorption and moisturizing effect, so it is more wet and pleasant than the general chemical fiber, and the silk is more suitable in a dry environment.
Why is it that winter is more suitable for duvets?
In the winter, the south has been in a cold environment, and there is no heating, making the south look colder. Therefore, it is very uncomfortable for northerners to go to the south for the winter. So the winter in the south is more demanding for the quilt.
Down is the world's warmest material. The unique spherical fiber structure makes the quilt contain the largest amount of still air, which can effectively isolate the cold air and achieve warmth. At the same time, the surface of the down has grease, which can play a role in water repellent, so that moisture does not exist in the quilt, so the south is more suitable for duvets.