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Hotel Bedding How To Do To Do Moisture-proof Measures?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Hotel bedding How to do to do moisture-proof measures? 

Hotel bedding is the customer to the hotel directly contact the use of the bed products, affect the quality of sleep and the use of the experience of customers, more attention to the hotel's customer service and evaluation, if the bedding touch more humid situation will give guests not soft more thick moist feeling, serious words will also bring the guests physical discomfort, It will also damage the service life of hotel bedding.

    So how to do to effectively prevent the hotel bedding wet it? The first is to keep the hotel room dry. In the room can use limestone, charcoal or moisture-absorbing box, dehumidification bag to absorb the tide, with a cloth bag to put in every corner of the interior, so that the air to keep dry, use a period of time and then replace the new dry materials used. Especially rainy weather to do a good job in the room drying.

    To make room for ventilation, time to grasp accurate, noon is the best open window ventilation time. Second, regularly drying hotel bedding. Bedding after continuous use for a period of time, according to bedding cloth and the characteristics of the filler in the sun or ventilated place drying. After the rainy season should pay attention to the moisture of bedding, in the sun drying can do bedding sterilization and drying, can also make bedding become soft and fluffy.