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Hotel Bedding To The Mat How To Remove Mites
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Hotel bedding to the mat how to remove mites 

Summer arrived, many families are ready to mat on the mat, but placed a long time the mat is very dirty, and there are mites, how to do it, some people say scrub with boiling water, and then put to the sun exposure, this method is good, but recently is the rainy season, simply see the sun, which is worried about the bad many people, never mind,

   Below let the hotel bedding company for us to tell the little trick of the mat to remove mites. First put the mat, and then use an electric iron on the wet towel on the back and forth ironing mat, please keep wet towels in each part of the continuous ironing for a long time, so you can use high-temperature steam to kill mites, but also solve the mat difficult to put in hot water immersion problem. Mites the most suitable survival temperature 17℃~30℃, when the temperature is higher than 55 ℃, more than 10 minutes, mites can not survive.

   Need to be reminded that the towel can also absorb and take away the body of mites, eggs, feces, so in the ironing also need to wash more times. Doesn't everyone feel good about this approach? Do not bother to wash the mat, without the sun, only need an iron and wet towel on the good, really very convenient, the key is so clear mites, protect our body. If the use of the process of sweating, then also need to press the above method to remove mites once, because the mites like damp, it will multiply, so, in order to our health, we are still hard-working a little, a week to remove mites one of the best.