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Hotel Cloth Grass Cotton Four-piece Set How To Clean It?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Hotel cloth Grass Cotton four-piece set how to clean it?

 Hotel linen bedding for the hotel is very important to provide customers with clean and healthy bedding to make customers feel comfortable and assured. Pure cotton Four sets in the first two times before washing will have floating hair or color deep four pieces of the surface will have residual dyes off, the hotel linen cotton four sets of how to clean it?

    Now let's take a look at

    1, Wash the hotel before the linen decoration items removed, choose the temperature of the washing to ≤40℃;

    2, the hotel linen before washing into the water to soak a few minutes, time should not be too long, to prevent the color of the hotel linen is destroyed; Pay attention to the cotton hotel with sweat stains banned hot water immersion, to prevent the occurrence of the yellow cloth grass macular;

    3, rinse, not in the flushing time does not need to use a lot of water but to wash a few times, each flush need to wring dry, this will improve the quality of the hotel linen washing;

    4, the hotel linen no matter what kind of cloth is not am hesitant in the sun to be exposed, so as to avoid damage to dyeing and cloth, should be in the shade of ventilation in the opposite side of drying; 5, ironing is not the higher the temperature is better, pay attention to the hotel linen material according to performance to adjust the temperature of ironing, the general ironing temperature of 110 ℃ below.