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How To Distinguish Hotel Bedding Is Not Pure Cotton Products?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

How to distinguish hotel bedding is not pure cotton products?

    The market appears a lot of polyester fabric to replace pure cotton raw materials, cotton product prices to sell products, so that most customers do not know how to identify, today to teach you to pay attention to a few points to distinguish the hotel bedding is not pure cotton products. The most fundamental way can take a few fiber to put in the purple light, appear like a note of color is containing polyester fabric towels. Observation method: Look at the appearance of towel, cotton towel with a good Baidu, the color will be more pure.

    The whiteness of the containing polyester towel will be more gloomy. Water absorption: pure cotton has a good absorbent, pure cotton towel when the suction water sink quickly, after screwing vertical suspension will not drop.

    On the contrary, the polyester towel hanging is dripping with water droplets. Combustion method: Take a fiber, with a lighter to burn, pure cotton has a natural smell of ashes, blown out after the Mars, smoke slightly white. Containing polyester is like plastic after burning solid, burning quickly smell, blow the head and then extinguished.