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How To Fold Hotel Bedding?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

How to fold hotel bedding?

    Hotel in order to give customers a good impression, not only in the hotel's environment and decoration on the work, hotel bedding as a direct contact with the customer supplies, but also to give customers a comfortable beauty,

    Hotel Bedding Quilt Cover, sheet folding: Check the quilt cover, the sheet is clean and clean, will clean the quilt cover sheet put flat ironing, quilt cover when folded in accordance with the median line fold, shake out the air and then crosswise folded two times, the edge should be flat alignment.

    Hotel Bed linen folding: pillowcases after ironing, according to its width divided into three, to ensure that the opening direction of the same, and then folded in the fold along the length of the fold. Hotel Bedding Quilt Folding: Quilt in the bed of the words directly tiled is beautiful, the surface by hand to smooth the fold, the words are generally based on the quilt storage space for equal parts folding.