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Identification Of True And False Silk Quilts
- Aug 05, 2018 -

Identification of true and false silk quilts
The seven identification methods of silk quilts are currently on the market with many varieties of silk, and the prices are not the same, ranging from hundreds of yuan to more than 2,000 yuan. How to distinguish between true and false silk quilts? A summary of the method of simple identification of silk quilts is provided for reference only. 1. Look at the price: At present, the silk is measured according to the weight of the tire, which is more than 150 yuan per catty. (The silk is measured by the filler silk, and the price per kilogram is more than 180 yuan + the cost of the inner casing.) The price includes the production cost. Including the normal and reasonable profits of the company. If the price of silk quilt on the market is lower than this price, it is not inferior silk, or it is mixed with chemical fiber. 2. Look at the label: product name, factory name, product implementation standard and code, specification model, material composition (separate fabric and tire material), grade, weight, etc. If the above content is not marked, the content of the label is incomplete or exaggerated, and consumers should be cautious when purchasing. 3. Look at the quilt cover: See if there is a zipper or opening on the edge of the quilt cover. If there is a material that can be easily seen, if the whole quilt is sewed tightly, when you propose to see the material of the tire. When it is blocked by manufacturers or merchants on the grounds of demolition, it is best not to buy such quilts. Such quilts are likely to be "catty". 4. Look at the temperament: Pull the zipper opening at the edge of the quilt and try to take the silk in the middle of the quilt. See if the color of the silk is bright and uniform without fluorescence reflection. Whether the silk is long and elastic, if there are cotton wadding, impurities, other Chemical fiber or fluorescent reflection, please do not buy. Try to open the inspection port as much as possible to observe the larger area of the fetus and avoid adulteration in the middle. 5. Look at the electrostatic reaction: rub the exposed zipper opening for about one minute, then let it suck the shredded paper of the size of the millet. The distance is about 0.3mm to 1mm. If you can pick up the paper, it is chemical fiber. Or a large amount of chemical fiber, pure silk does not produce static electricity. 6. Look at the combustion reaction: the burning point of the silk is very low, and it will be extinguished very quickly after burning. The smoke emerging from the burning is white and emits a smell like burning hair. This taste is unique to protein, kapok and chemical fiber. There will be no. The burnt ash is brittle and fragile, and the hand is pinched into powder; the chemical fiber material burns with black smoke and has a pungent odor, and the gray ends are black and agglomerated, and the hands are pinched, and there is a clear difference between the two. However, the combustion method can only distinguish between silk and chemical fiber, and it is impossible to distinguish whether it is silk or silk. When you buy it, you should smell it. The silk is used in the fluffy process. Basically, the silkworm should have no sour taste. Some people may smell the silkworm cocoon, but it should be very light. Because the silk color is dark, it needs to be acid-treated to remove the dark outer shell and become white. In addition, some of the silk used for the scrap is also white, so it has been faded. So if you buy a quilt that is sour, you should use silk as a silk. In addition, mulberry silk, silk has good adhesion, fineness, good toughness, and elasticity. When pulling, it has to be hard, and it can be pulled very long (the feeling of squeaking when pulling is like the hair is not washed after the hair is washed, When combing, it is also awkward. It must be pulled by force.) All sides of the silk are weaker than the silk. 7 Look back to the elasticity: After the silk is folded, press it hard and rebound slowly. It can't be folded like a quilt like a force. It looks like a soft feeling. It's a silk quilt, or it's cotton or other quilts. The mechanism cotton differs from the handmade cotton pocket. The cotton is a large piece of shape, and the handmade cotton is shaped like a hood and has a different shape. When the mechanism cotton sheet is produced, other raw materials can be put into it together, and a lot of chemical products such as bleaching agent and softener are added, so the mechanism cotton is not as good as manual. The silk will also be rolled, without the length of the silk. But generally it will not be seen. Generally, a silkworm cocoon can extract more than 1000 meters of silk, and the silk of the mechanism cotton is not more than 1000 meters long, so the silk of the mechanism cotton is durable by the silk without the manual cotton pocket. The chemicals also change the properties of the silk, so the silk is not good and not strong. There are four kinds of mechanism cotton, and the price is not the same. Now many merchants are shoddy, and the bad mechanism cotton silk is said to be pure handmade silk, and the profit among them is considerable. The best mechanism cotton is the Shuanggong mechanism cotton, whose price is currently 180 yuan/kg or more for the Shangyu mechanism cotton, and its price is currently around 160 yuan//kg, again, the secondary 茧 mechanism cotton, its price is currently Is the worst of 130 yuan / kg, Yongcheng mechanism cotton, its price is 125 yuan / kg or so there is a worst Yong Cheng cotton mechanism cotton, its price is 120 yuan / kg or so kapok is 15 yuan / kg or so Chemical fiber is 10 yuan / about. Now many stores on Taobao are using kapok bottom, and then a little more than 6 or so double palace mechanism silk, the price is very cheap, but if you feel cheap, you may want to buy a bed to go back and try, new The quilt is not felt. After two years, the pro will know what the quilt is. There are also some silk quilts that are considered to be high-end goods. They can only be said to be silk quilts, but they cannot be said to be mulberry silk quilts. The difference between the two is that the mulberry silkworm is a wild silkworm in the northeast region, and its silk is short. Rough, the color is grayish black, and after the dyeing and fading process turns yellow and white, the quilt is not close to the body and uncomfortable. The silk of silk is thin and long, soft and comfortable, and both are known. Buying silk on the net should be noted: 1) Silk that is too low-priced is not to be bought, preferring to believe that there are ghosts in the world, and don't believe that Taobao can find silk quilts that are much lower than the cost price! Ultra low price = deceived! The existence of fake goods is because the price is cheap, and it is impossible to analyze it. However, why there are 200-300 yuan and 8 pounds of silk on the Internet, the reputation is very good, and there are many people to buy. Mainly Taobao's evaluation mechanism (a successful transaction can get a good review), many buyers do not understand the silk quilt, the initial does not understand the market, mainly because there are many people to buy and have a lot of praise, I think I bought it cheaply. 100% silk quilt, no matter how many discounts the merchants play, even if they stay in stock, it is impossible to sell at a loss. Most people think that silk is the silk quilt. In fact, there are many kinds of silk, and the characteristics are different. The poor pure silk is not as good as cotton. 2) Since the real thing cannot be seen, it can only be inspected after the purchase, but if you find that you have bought the fake after receiving the goods, some merchants will not agree to return the goods. It is also necessary to carefully discern that some merchants engage in writing and deceive consumers. 1. Names - Some merchants advocate that Shuanggong is better than a single cocoon, emphasizing that their silk is made by Shuanggong. In fact, this statement is misleading. Shuanggong Temple is a silkworm baby to make a scorpion, called Shuanggong Temple. This scorpion is the silk that the two silkworms vomit, so the silk is intertwined and cannot be separated individually, so it cannot be spun into silk, and silk is the most suitable. The silkworm made by a single silkworm can be spun into silk to make silk fabric. 2. Ingredients - Make a note on the label: 100% silk, 100% pure silk is not correct. In terms of composition, both silk and silk are silk. The logo must be marked with 100% mulberry silk or 100% tussah silk, or the blending ratio of mulberry silk and pressed silk (20% silk, 80% silk). The state has regulations on silk quilts. 3. You must see the physical picture of the silk inside. Otherwise, after receiving the quilt, it is impossible to compare the drawing effect. 4. Some merchants advertised that the quilt has a zipper of 1.2 meters, but her quilt is quilted (that is, a thread that is sewn like a duvet). So when I received the quilt, I found that there was such a large inspection port. The inspection was indeed silk, but the quilt was sewn. To check it, the quilt should be opened. Generally not doing this? After all, the quilt is cut open, the merchant will not recognize the account, and it is himself who suffers. And knowing that fakes are still sold, 100% will not be returned to you. Therefore, the silk of spring, autumn and winter is bought by the quilted quilt. In summer, some large-sized quilts or silks are less quilted to fix the silk. After all, it is too thin. 5. Short of two pounds - some merchants calculate the weight by gross weight when selling silk quilts. For example, different businesses say 4 pounds of quilts. Some refer to the net weight of silk is 4 kg, and some refer to the gross weight (the silk may only be 1.5 kg, the inner fabric has 2.5 kg), so the so-called same weight, the price is also very different. So the buyer has to calculate the flaws by himself.