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Nutshell Hotel Bedding Why Are All White
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Nutshell Hotel bedding Why are all white 

In the present life, we go out to live in the hotel is already very ordinary thing. This is also very convenient. So many people we travel frequently find a problem: Why Hotel bedding is white? Later, many people discovered the problem. I can't understand that.

  Here is a look at the small editing why.

  1. Clean and tidy Hotel bedding is a lot of people in use, the use of white can make everyone feel clean and tidy, nor easy to hide dirt.

  Let the people who stay do not worry about health problems, what dirt can be a glance out.

  2. Prevent fading All the sheets and bedding no matter what color, the use of a long time will fade, a faded to stay will feel the sleep of others slept in the old bed, affecting the hotel business.

  Otherwise directly with white, time with a long can not see out.

  3. Avoiding diversity Everyone has different preferences, if not using the same sheet color, when you stay will be picky, like what color do not like what color and so on.

  All use a color to save the personalized screening process, to avoid the loss of customers.

  4. Easy to clean Bleach is used when washing, no matter what stains, a bleaching is clean. So we found that all the sheets have no slightest stain on the bedding, which is all the credit for bleaching, if only wash clothes and so on, it is impossible to achieve this effect.