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Talk About Silk Quilts, Wool Quilts, Duvets, What Are The Differences And Benefits
- Sep 02, 2018 -

Talk about silk quilts, wool quilts, duvets, what are the differences and benefits
Silk is compared to other quilts:
Nowadays, there are so many quilts that people use: quilts, wool quilts, duvets, chemical fiber quilts and silk quilts.
Silk is quilted silk, down is a high-quality high-quality duvet, wool is Australian wool, chemical fiber is four-hole, seven-hole, etc., does not include the performance of some of these inferior products. The most important performance of a quilt should be warm and close.
Duvet: The advantage is the lightest and warmest. The disadvantage is that it is not airtight and not close to the body. There is also a small amount of static electricity in the cotton liner, but easy to drill, and the use of high-density chemical fiber material can prevent the drilling, but the static is more, the comfort is worse.
Wool quilt: The advantage is that it is the most close-fitting (the wool has a natural drape, so the quilt made of high-quality Australian wool is the most suitable quilt), and the wool is also very warm. The disadvantage is that it is afraid of moisture, there is obvious odor after damp, and the static electricity is strong. There is more dust inside.
Chemical fiber is: the advantage is that the ventilation (chemical fiber material quilt is very good, so it is very breathable), cheap (cost is generally only 5 to 15 yuan 1 kg), the disadvantage is not close to the body (the more holes, the better the fluffy feeling, the more the quilt Not close to the body), static electricity is easy to dirty.
Cotton quilt: a moderate quilt (all performance is not bad, but there is no excellent place, the only outstanding should be no static electricity), the price is also affordable (even if Xinjiang long-staple cotton is also very cheap), but comfortable Sex is naturally inferior to other quilts.
Silk quilt: all performances are excellent, long life, warm and close, comprehensive performance is the best. The disadvantage is that it is afraid of pressure. Of course, proper drying and tapping can restore the fluffiness, and the price is relatively high (of course, it is cheaper than high-quality duvet).