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Talk About The Four Hidden Dangers Of Hotel Bedding
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Talk about the four hidden dangers of hotel bedding

  The National Quality Inspection Bureau has said in the spot check report, the Guesthouse hotel bedding's quantity question mainly has the following several aspects: 1. A small number of room bedding products formaldehyde content is severely exceeded 2. After washing, the size change rate is not qualified 3. The quality of the dyeing fastness to 4. Fabric texture and national requirements unqualified so in the selection of hotel bedding in the choice of the time can be selected for these four, then how should we choose?

  Follow the small series to see:

  1. Smell Odor Formaldehyde in the water has a good solubility, after washing will effectively eliminate harmful substances.

  In addition, a long time in the Cloth Grass Workshop Quilt Pillow should also pay attention to, which will absorb a lot of formaldehyde, must be fully drying or washing can be used.

  2. Find Famous Room sheets shrink, after washing the quilt becomes smaller is the hotel often encounter troubles.

  First of all to choose a large well-known reputation of high enterprise products, the market has many dozen ' Shanghai ', ' Guangdong ' production of hotel supplies and is not necessarily the origin, is likely to be remote small workshop production products, so do not cheap and fooled.

  3. Check the Appearance Many people think, bedding fade is not a big deal, but experts pointed out that people sleep will sweat, some of the sweat in the material will be more or less with the bed textile dyes chemical reaction, sweat will be the dye reduced to harmful substances, and then through the human skin to absorb cancer. At present, the bedding grade of the market is different, the price difference is big, workmanship and quality gap is also big.