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The Knowledge Of Bamboo Fiber Bedding Must Be Washed Like This!
- Sep 20, 2018 -

The knowledge of bamboo fiber bedding must be washed like this!
Fiber as a hot material in recent years, how to wash, many people do not understand, leading to frequent washing, so today we focus on cleaning bamboo fiber should pay attention to what.

Bamboo fiber should be lightly washed

When the bamboo fiber itself is dry, the strength is very good, but if the fiber strength is limited after the water is discharged, the strength is greatly reduced. At this time, if you wash the bamboo fiber with strong washing and hard washing, the bamboo fiber fabric will be broken. Hole or broken and damaged.

Bamboo fiber should be washed

Bamboo fiber fabrics are not resistant to high temperatures and acids and alkalis. This is especially important! Therefore, when cleaning such materials, you should not use hot water to clean, it is best to put less detergent, because bamboo fiber has a unique substance "bamboo", with natural antibacterial and deodorant, and more to reduce the effect.

Bamboo fiber should not be exposed to the sun

Bamboo fiber has good moisture absorption and air permeability. Therefore, when cleaning the bedding of these materials, there will be a large shrinkage. Under normal circumstances, there will be a shrinkage of about 10%; after cleaning, do not put it on. Exposure to the sun can cause serious shrinkage.

Bamboo fiber should be washed in the net bag

Bamboo fiber is short fiber. Many people say that this material will pilling after a period of time. This is a normal reaction, because short fibers are affected by friction and will form a hair bulb from the inside of the yarn. Therefore, it is best to wash and protect the washing machine when it is washed.