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The Misunderstanding Of Hotel Bedding In The Sun, You Know?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

The misunderstanding of hotel bedding in the Sun, you know? 

Some time ago, including it is always raining, then the major hotel bedding has not been drying for a long time?

   In fact, the quilt is also a misunderstanding, the following we take a look: Myth 1: The longer the drying, the better the quilt, the pillow is not the longer the sun, the better! This is because the cotton is rich in natural grease, drying time is too long will grease drying, aging, affecting its adhesion and insulation properties.

   Generally in the 11 o'clock in the morning to the Noon 2 o'clock dry 2-3 hours best, the light is sufficient to dry the effect is good, but also can avoid for a long time drying easily contaminated outdoor dust. Myth 2: Exposure can be high temperature antivirus feather and wool home textile bed products do not need frequent drying, also must not exposure.

   Because the high temperature in the sun will make the feathers and wool in the oil changes, produce rancid flavor, this kind of quilt in the ventilated place drying 1 hours on it.

   Myth 3: Pat the quilt more fluffy after the quilt like Pat Pat, feel so clean and can make the quilt fluffy, in fact, otherwise. Each big hotel bedding is still so bask in? This is wrong, oh, the next time you do not go wrong in the sun.

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