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Understand The Benefits Of Cotton Supplies For Hotel Bedding
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Understand the benefits of cotton supplies for hotel bedding

    In the mention of the purchase of hotel bedding or clothing in life, will look for pure cotton material, not pure cotton textile will not go to buy, most people only know the advantages of pure cotton to the soft suction sweat, the purchase of pure cotton hotel bedding benefits what is it? Hotel bedding selection of pure cotton is the advantage of hygroscopicity.

    Cotton fiber In the normal situation can absorb the ambient water, so that people feel soft in contact, at the same time the ambient temperature rises, cotton fiber water can be evaporated to achieve a balance of the state. Hotel bedding selection of cotton is heat resistance and thermal insulation advantages. Cotton Textiles under 110 ℃ will only cause water evaporation without damage to the fiber, in the washing and printing and dyeing without effect.

    The thermal conductivity of cotton fiber is very low, porous elasticity and relatively high can accumulate a lot of air, so have a very good heat and durability insulation performance. Hotel bedding to choose the advantages of pure cotton alkali resistance. In alkaline solution, the fiber is not destroyed, washing after pollution has a good decontamination disinfection, dyeing processing is more convenient to be processed into many new varieties.