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Which Is Better In Warmth Retention, Silk Quilt Or Down Quilt?
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Warmth preservation is related to heat conduction and convective heat transfer.

Heat conduction is the heat transfer performance of materials. For example, in winter, when we hold a piece of iron and a piece of wood, we feel that the temperature of iron is lower than that of wood. The reason is that the heat conduction of iron is larger than that of wood. The temperature of our hands is quickly transferred by iron, so we feel cold.

Convective heat transfer is the flow of air, the greater the air flow, the lower the temperature. That's why it's cool to wear loose clothes in summer.

The filler of down quilt is goose down or duck down, and the filler of silk quilt is mulberry silk or pressed silk. Both of them are composed of animal protein.

Two animal protein fibers, feather and silk, are covered with tiny stomata that prevent heat transfer.

If it is high quality velvet and silk quilt, the weight and size are the same, relatively speaking, the down is warmer.

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